Multi-Gen Homes + Package Homes + Multi-Gen Additions

We are a faith based company that understands the needs of our hard-working Kama’aina households.

Our mission is simple:

Drawing families and people together through the building of quality Package and Multi-Gen homes at affordable prices for well deserving families.

Our goal is modest:

Indirectly affect families with positive ripple effects with each project we construct.

Our logo stands for many things to different people:

  • For those of our faith: The house of God as it was written and is being built.
  • For those of our industry: The teamwork relationship of the owner, designer and contractor.
  • For those of our company: The puzzle pieces drawn together that form our founding family organization.
  • For those we serve: The project ingredients of planning, home supply and construction.
  • and continues to inspire more meanings to the many people we meet…What does it mean to you?



Pascual Holdings.   A Family Company.